Vatnani Events is a UAE & India based leading event organizing company, which is well known in the fashion and events industry across UAE & India for its exclusive fashion events and exhibitions since 2012. This includes but not limits to, Riwaaz - The Trend (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) & Riwaaz - India Fashion Carnival (Dubai) which have leading designers participating from all over India & UAE. The Helms of this organization are Leena Naresh Vatnani and Naresh Vatnani, being based in UAE for the last 25 years, they are very well known public figures and are very well associated with all media & large organizations in the industry in UAE & Abu Dhabi.

Taking that trust forward, Vatnani Events were also partners in a Mega Budget Awards & Fashion Show, which took place in a 5-star hotel in Dubai with all renowned personalities and celebrities such as the Bollywood diva, Karishma Kapoor.

In our pursuit, we have also received several awards such as the Best Event Company in Dubai as a winner from the Page 3 Awards 2019 Dubai. Vatnani Events is also known for introducing all unique ideas and projects in the entertainment and fashion industry, making us special. It has been a fantastic journey ever since the inception of Vatnani Events. We have had our share of bouquets and brickbats but, we have remained committed to giving you the best event for all these years.

L’Univers Super Model International is a step forward and a massive project introduced by Vatnani Events, which will remark our journey worldwide. We are also looking to associate with all renowned personalities and celebrities for this show.

The best part of this show is the journey that we will take you, to become a celebrity super model from being an ordinary woman. There is no age bar, no nationality specifications or any marital status restrictions and can be participated by all women of age 18 and above. Including the exclusive training and grooming sessions, it would be a compelling experience and journey that all participants would be a part of. Not only this, but we would also help the upcoming finalists and winners to establish their careers in this esteemed industry by promising them their presence in other international shows and events.

We have come so far and achieved so much but the best part of it is that this is only the beginning ….

We have come so far and achieved so much but the best part of it is that this is only the beginning ….